About Us

The Company was initially formed as Training Institute “TSK- Training for Skills and Knowledge”in the year 2015 January 01st,  later its Construction division is formed by the name of TSK Construction . in June 2015 having our Office in Rawalpindi.

TSK Constructions is  recognized as a contractor that is able to undertake even the most demanding projects. We are now working together with best-in-class clients to make a further major improvement beyond what is achievable by focusing purely on formal routines. Emphasis on HSE is becoming a lifestyle that is integrated into everything we do.

Our future depends on our ability to remain a front-runner, both within HSE and in how we execute projects. To continue to add value for our clients, TSK has a strong focus on improving solutions, methods and cooperation models. TSK is developing and applying state-of-the-art technologies by adding new equipment to our fleet.

Focus of Organization

The focus of TSk Constructions is on the people who want to build their own residential homes or plazas and in which they don’t have any technical knowledge about the cost of the Project and how to execute the project. They have ambiguities & doubts about the contractor and have no idea. We provide turnkey based projects to those people with our main services that includes

  1. Drawings
  2. Planning
  3. Cash Flows
  4. Material Calculations
  5. Site Supervision
  6. Trainings