interior designers in islamabad

interior designers in islamabad

2D Shop Drawings

3D Sketch Up Based Drawings

2D AutoCAD Based Detailed For 3d Views to be Clear before execution Start
  Purpose Once Main drawings are approved from govt authorities , at TSK Constructions Experts will make shop drawings for separate details like  Purpose For clients who didn’t understand by 2d View, at TSK Constructions Separate 3d house designs will be prepared for clear picture of what they want
1 Plan Drawing 1 Plan Views
2 Steel Drawings floor wise 2 3d Videos of House to be constructed
3 Tiles Drawings 3 Elevation Views
4 Paint Drawaing 4 Sectional Views
5 Schedule of Doors and Windows 5 Walk in the house in 3D Designs
6 Plumbing Drawings 6 Furniture
7 Electrical Fixtures Drawings 7 Outside Landscaping
8 Finishing Drawings 8 Paint Tiles Washroom and Space Adjustments
& Many More & Many More

Sample of 2D Shop Drawings

Sample of 3D Designs

 Floor Tiles Details AFCC-MOB-03_Model  3D View MAIN OFFICE BUILDING PLAN C
 Ceiling Details  AFCC-MOB-06_Model  Reception Table  Reception 3d
 Door Details  AFCC-MOB-11_Model  Another Recption Table View  Reception 3d-1

Why interior designers in Islamabad play a vital role in construction industry

When it comes to targeted buyers and clients, the use of these architectural services can also be beneficial in making them more understand and visualize the projects.

They will be able to see how the actual units will look like right after construction process is finished.

These clients can also be impressed by the effects that the 3D professionals and experts had prepared for the presentation.

Some of the architectural rendering services that are offered by 3D technology experts are planning a house or a unit.

Which including major and minor details such as interior and exterior and floor plans, respectively.

So hiring an expert with this new technological advancement can really be helpful especially if the business owner or the future client is constrained by either budget or time.

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